Travel to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has a unique potential for travel and leisure for tourists. International experts in the field of tourism mark a wonderful combination of cultural and natural heritage. Kyrgyzstan - mountainous country, about 90 percent of the territory is at a height of 1000 m above sea level. Here are the highest after the Himalayas and Pamir mountain peaks: Pobeda Peak (7439 m) and Lenin Peak (7134 m). and one of the biggest-longest glaciers on earth - Enilchek.

The majestic silence of the snowy ridge in the mountains, shady forest of slender Tien Shan spruces, foamy waterfalls and numerous crystal-clear mountain lakes, beautiful green landscapes, including Suusamyr Valley, with yurts, herds of horses, numerous species of flora and fauna attract many tourists to Kyrgyzstan.

One of the best known and most popular resorts is Lake Issyk - Kul, which means "warm lake". Despite the fact that the lake is located high in the mountains, it never freezes, the water temperature in summer reaches 24 degrees Celsius. The entire coast of the lake is surrounded by sandy beaches, crystal clear lake surface in combination with fresh mountain air and creates a unique microclimate, as close to the sea. Near the coast there are many hot mineral springs and therapeutic muds.

Kyrgyzstan attracts foreign tourists as it is related to the Great Silk Road . Kyrgyzstan was the "bridge" between the West and the East, in the country there are three branches of the direction of the famous Silk Road: Pamir - Altai , southern and northern running through snowy mountain passes Temir -Too and the Pamir.
Earth Kyrgyzstan ancient times were in the area of highly developed civilizations of Central and served as a "terminal " base in intercontinental trade. The development of trade led to the interpenetration of cultures, and as a result, the growth of cities , the development of science and crafts. One of these cultural centers at the crossroads of caravan routes and is the ancient city of Osh.


Osh was a huge historical trade center, a place of halt traders from all over the earth, and then turned to the famous shopping , historical and cultural center. The talented warrior and leader , the founder of the Mughal Empire - Babur stayed in this famous city. Sacred Mountain Sulayman , still keeps his " hujras " - a house for meditation and prayer , where , as he mentioned in his immortal creation " Babur -Nama ": " ... stretched Fegran's excellent views of the valley ." Kyrgyzstan has more than 80 thousand monuments of history and culture.

The modern tourist industry of Kyrgyzstan offers numerous types of tourism , the most popular of which are :

Alpine Skiing.
Mountains of Kyrgyzstan - a paradise for lovers of this type of vacation. The most popular among skiers enjoy the trails at Chon - Alai and Kichi - Alai ranges , here are the most interesting ski resorts. Local trails vary greatly in complexity , length and comfort , and this leads to the delight of many skiers and lovers of free-ride. The most popular tourist centers : Norus , Orlivka , Karakol, Too- Ashu , Toguz -Bulak , Clover Suu Oruu - Sai, Aktas , Polytech , Edelweiss , ZIL , Kyzyl - Beles , Sulu -tor , Uzun- Bulak always waiting for your friends from all corners of the earth.

Equestrian tourism.
Equestrian tourism provides an opportunity to see beautiful landscapes of  nature, escape from the citylife, to visit interesting and picturesque nature by horseback. Horseback tours are organized in every district of the country and can last from a few hours to many days . It all depends on the skills of the riders of the route and of course the wishes of tourists , including popular routes such as: " The Silk Road" and "In the wake of Russian expeditions of Przewalski and Semenov- Tian -Shansky " ( these Russian explorers discovered this place in the 18 century)

Hunting with eagles.
Very rare and expensive way to hunt, but lately more and more in demand. Traditionally, this hunt is conducted entirely without firearms, it all depends on the skill of the eagle (trainers birds) and skill eagle. Large golden eagles can attack deer, wolf, wild ram. Their life expectancy in captivity for more than 50 years, but no one dares to hold the birds in captivity for more than 10 years. In fact, after this period, golden eagles have become adults and raise families.


In Kyrgyzstan, there are mountain peaks, which are higher than 7,000 meters, so the country is a godsend for those who like mountain climbing, beautiful and at the same time, a dangerous sport. 


For climbing in Kyrgyzstan the most interesting 8 districts: one in the Tien Shan is 5, the Pamirs - 3.  It is also very interesting for the less technical climbing high, but more complex glaciers and vertical rock walls in other mountainous regions of the country. Here are the famous Kyrgyz mountain peaks over 7,000 meters in height:Пик Победы Peak Pobedy's ( высота/height 7439 метров/meters), 

Пик Победы Peak Pobedy's ( высота/height 7439 метров/meters), 

Пик Хан-Тенгри/ Peak Khan-Tengri (высота/height 7010 метров/meters)

Пик Ленина / Lenin's Peak (высота/height 7134 метров/meters).

Rafting in Kyrgyzstan is a popular type of tourism for people with an active lifestyle. It gives people an unforgettable experience and is accompanied by a powerful surge of adrenaline in the blood. It is Kyrgyzstan is a major training ground for rafting enthusiasts in the Central Asian region. The most suitable rivers for rafting are: Chu, Naryn, Suusamyr, Chatcal, Sary-Jaz Kokomeren with routes of varying difficulty, for both professionals and novices alike.



Another popular form of tourism in Kyrgyzstan is trekking, as a kind of adventure tourism. Tourists bring with them only the most necessary personal items. Heavy items and equipment to the base camp after them raise their pack animals or vehicles. The most attractive for trekking are the various areas of Kyrgyzstan : The northern slopes of the Alai and Turkestan ranges , including the ridge Kichi - Alai , central and eastern part of the Kyrgyz ridge Sandalash , Talas and Chatcal rangers, basins of the rivers Sandalash and Chatcal, basins of the rivers Kichi and Chon - Kemin ridge Kungei Ala- Too Square, the northern slopes of the eastern part of Terskey Ala- Too and the North- western part of the Fergana Range.



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