Information on the incident at Kyrgyz-Tajik border

On January 11, 2014 the planned construction of the bypass road Kok-Tash–Ak-Sai–Tamdyk in Ak-Sai village of Batken region of the Kyrgyz Republic connecting the border Kyrgyz villages was underway. The construction of this road is caused by the need to provide secured and independent movement of Kyrgyz citizens and their property, who were had no choice before but to pass territory of Vorukh enclave of the Republic of Tajikistan being subjected to the acts of humiliation and beating by Tajik citizens.
It is necessary to note that the Kyrgyz side many times informed the Tajik side about the construction of this road around the Vorukh enclave. 
The same day at 12.30 p.m. 40 soldiers of the Tajik Border Guard Service arrived to the construction site on the Kyrgyz territory and started demanding to stop the construction works provoking harsh oral arguments with the Kyrgyz border guard. Then the Tajik soldiers opened fire on Kyrgyz soldiers.
In response to illegal actions of the Tajik border guard and with the aim of protecting the Kyrgyz soldiers and civilians on that place Kyrgyz border guards were forced to fire back. 
During the military clash, the Tajik side used mortars from its territory against Kyrgyz citizens and infrastructure that means the usage of indiscriminate weapon prohibited by the international law. 
One of the goals of the mortar attack was the destruction of the water intake of the Kyrgyz Republic. 
The Kyrgyz side expresses its deep discontent with the fact that the Tajik side opened fire on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Kyrgyz side is concerned that such actions of the Tajik side are posing direct threats to stability and security of the whole region. 
Six Kyrgyz soldiers were wounded and some parts of the hydro facility, cars and electrical station were damaged. 
Given the current situation in the border area of the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan and with a purpose of preventing inter-ethnic conflicts and providing security to citizens of border areas the Kyrgyz side was forced to close all border checkpoints on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border starting from January 11, 2014 until the stabilization of the situation. 
It is regrettable that such illegal actions of the Tajik side occurred right after the reached agreements between Vice-Prime-Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan on January 7, 2014, as well as the January 9 agreement between border guard services and law-enforcement bodies of two countries. 
The Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic was deeply surprised by incorrect statement for press of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Tajikistan on January 11, 2014, which contained false information. 
Such premature conclusions and subjective evaluations of the Tajik side contradict the spirit of Kyrgyz-Tajik neighboring relations.
Expressing serious anxiety and concern in connection with the incident, the Kyrgyz side emphasizes that only objective and impartial mutual investigation can contribute to the solving of the current problem in accordance with friendly dialogue and mutually beneficial relations between two countries. 
Concluding the above-mentioned, the Kyrgyz side adheres to the following positions:
- an official acknowledgement by the Tajik side of illegal actions on the part of its soldiers;
- holding accountable those who committed these crimes in order to avoid such situations in future;
- compensation of the damage inflicted on the Kyrgyz Republic by the actions of Tajik soldiers;
Therefore, the Kyrgyz side does hope that the Tajik side will demonstrate a political will in strictly abiding by the international laws and refraining from such illegal actions, as well as premature and baseless accusations against the Kyrgyz Republic.
Taking into account the existing level of relations with the Republic of Tajikistan based on mutual respect, as well as centuries-old traditions of friendship, the Kyrgyz side expresses its hope for constructive approach toward peaceful settlement of the current situation and providing security for people of two states.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic
January 15, 2014

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